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  • Hole In The Wall - Twisted ... Hole In The Wall - Twisted ... 12803 plays Move the parts of the people to align them just right so that you pass threw the opening.
  • Naruto Great Wall Championship Naruto Great Wall Championship 8751 plays Play and as Naruto and race on your bike, on the great wall of china, Reach the end of the level at 1st place and unlock new levels.
  • Ice Walls Ice Walls 5259 plays Punch your way through ice walls! This game is seriously addictive!
  • Goal Wall Shooting Goal Wall Shooting 4869 plays Kick the soccer ball in the right spot and with the right power to get it into the holes.
  • Rocket Run Rocket Run 4776 plays Collect all stars and try not to hit any walls.
  • Sort My Tiles Wall E Sort My Tiles Wall E 4721 plays Help Wall E get sorted out.
  • 10 differences Wall E 10 differences Wall E 4448 plays

    Finding the 10 differences between is always a fun. Now, it comes with the 'Wall-E'. Find the differences and enjoy the fun.

  • Destroy the Wall 3 Destroy the Wall 3 4346 plays 20 levels of throwing the ball and knocking the blocks over. Later levels include tricky portals.
  • Dragons of Atalntis Dragons of Atalntis 4206 plays

    Dragons of Atlantis draws you into a dark, action-packed adventure set hundreds of years ago. In a lost and lonesome realm, catastrophe looms on the horizon when the four shining kingdoms dominating the world of men are forced to pick up a sword and march against an unspeakable evil. Only you can prevent their ultimate doom!

    Build your own great empire by harnessing the wisdom and mysterious powers of the ancient ones. Raise and train an army of dragons in the city of Atlantis, unleash their incredible power on the battlefield and shatter your enemies once and for all!

    Fortune favours the brave! Do you have the courage and skill to become the ruler of the realm?
    Only on the battlefield will we get to know the truth... join now and unleash your first dragon!

    Game highlights
    - Build a powerful empire in an ancient and mystical land
    - Raise a great and powerful dragon to defend your city
    - Conquer the realm with an army of dragons, minotaurs, giants and many other legendary creatures
    - Harness the wisdom of the ancient world and develop enormous powers and great abilities
    - Participate in a vibrant community of dedicated players, form alliances and fight epic battles together

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  • WALL E KISSING WALL E KISSING 2577 plays Wall E tries to kiss Eva on space. Help Wall E to kiss Eva without watch others. Have fun.
  • WALL E - SPOT THE DIFFERENCE WALL E - SPOT THE DIFFERENCE 2410 plays Identify the differences and click it to confirm. You get 50 points for every correct click and lose 10 points for every wrong click. At the end of the third wrong click the game gets over.
  • Wall E - Similarities Wall E - Similarities 1860 plays Identify the similarities in the two different images and click the similar object to get it confirmed. You get 50 points for every click that is correct and lose 25 points for every click that is wrong. This game is played with mouse only.
  • Wall E Scrap Shoot Wall E Scrap Shoot 0 plays Eve wants to show off her target practice skills to WALL-E. Just zap the scrap that WALL-E throws up with your mouse.
  • Wall E Pop Wall E Pop 0 plays Pop WALL-E's bubble wrap as fast as you can! Control the laser with your mouse to pop the bubbles. Do it within 45 seconds, but avoid WALL-E's fingers!
  • Wall E Trash Tower Wall E Trash Tower 0 plays Help WALL-E demolish the trash tower while keeping his pet cockroach Hal away from the electrified cable. Demolish the tower without letting it collapse by clicking with your mouse on the different pieces.
  • Wall E The Video Game Wall E The Video Game 0 plays The object of this game is to quickly align 2 or more objects horizontally or vertically by simply clicking with you mouse. You have 5 minutes to collect as many points as you can. Think fast!
  • Wall Es Cup Shuffle Wall Es Cup Shuffle 0 plays Find the right cup.

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